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About AniMates

Your child’s imagination will soar with themed play sets that come to life!

AniMates is a multi-themed line of conventional toys driven by traditional imaginative play merged with device based visual experiences. Our line of toys is a series of imaginative play sets complete with custom figurines and accessories, a themed play mat and the 3D AniMates app, which includes age appropriate in-app games. The custom figurines and accessories can be used with the themed play mat as stand-alone toys or with the AniMates app to enhance the play experience. AniMates is ideal for both a child playing individually or for a group of children looking for an interactive imaginative play experience. Four AniMates themes are currently available: Pirates, Army Men, Dinosaurs, and Construction. Future AniMates themes to be released include: Princesses, Knights, Safari, and City Life.

The free AniMates app converts the themed play mat into a smart toy, making objects come to life and enhancing the user’s experience with the use of a smart device. An interactive three-dimensional world for children to explore is created through the app, connecting the toy’s physical elements with most Android and iOS devices. The AniMates app also includes several age appropriate in-app games, providing hours of traditional and enhanced play. Over 10 unique three-dimensional animations are included for each play set with future content updates available through the free app to provide the child with new experiences, animation sequences and play patterns!

Each imaginative play set includes 24 custom figurines and accessories, a themed 36”x36” play mat, and the 3D AniMates app, with age appropriate in-app games.

What our Happy Clients Say

I bought this for my kids thinking they would be the ones playing with, but sure enough I'm down there playing with them too!

Walter Jones
Walter JonesCustomer

My youngest plays with the figures all around the house and on the great looking mats. The older two join in with the iPad and it takes it to a whole new level. - All three are playing together. That alone is worth it.

Ryder Hart
Ryder HartCustomer

Such a cool toy for my kids. Wasn't sure how it was going to work, but sure enough my 8 year old did and hasn't put it down. He loves the army men!

April Joyce
April JoyceCustomer

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